Mid-Day Yoga to De-Stress + Energize

Most of us sit in chairs for far too long each day. It is so important to get up, move the spine, and enhance the breath throughout the day. This mini practice uses forward folds to let go of stress and anxiety, twists to wring out tension and gripping in the body, and mini backbends (I mean mini!), to bring more breath into the chest. 

*Please move mindfully. Do not engage in any poses that cause pain, or that you have been informed by a doctor not to perform. By engaging in any of the following, you recognize you are responsible for the way the practice is performed, including any injuries or distress that occurs. Engaging in this practice does not replace the use of a physician, therapist, or other professional for decreasing stress and increasing energy. If you have questions or concerns about adapting the sequence to meet your needs and abilities, please contact me, I'm happy to help you! 


Hand-Drawn Sequence

Use this version of the practice when watching the video or listening to audio is not available. There are cues written below each pose to help you focus on grounding, the breath, and other important points in each pose. 

Verbal Guidance

This is an audio-only guided version of the practice. Using the hand-drawn sequence alongside, or using this as a stand alone, I will walk you every step of the way! (Approx. 10 minutes)

Video Guidance

I will do the practice with you! Having the visuals of the pose, as well as the verbal guidance through the whole sequence, will ensure that you are able to get the most of this mini yoga therapy practice.